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Get the Web Site of Your Dreams - Almost Free

If you want a more advanced web site than what a few static pages can give you and without paying a fortune for it - then is this something for you.

You can now get an advanced web site like the one's those big guys have and only pay a fraction of what they are paying. How? By using Open Source software and the services that is offered by Success Webmasters.

Success Webmasters is specialized in how to use and benefit from Open Source software and offer the widest range of services in the field. Like IKEA of Sweden furnishes your home with affordable furniture, we are "furnishing" the web with affordable (free) software.

Our mission is to simplify and make it easier for everyone to use and benefit from using Open Source software. To do that we offer:

  • The best solutions for Open Source software hosting.
  • We modify the Open Source software so it fits your needs.
  • We give help and support to all your Open Source software needs.

Open Source Software

You have probably heard of Open Source software somewhere, since it is becoming quite popular. What it means is that the software is built an enhanced through public collaboration. And it is free in that it gives you unrestricted access to the source code. You (or anyone) can modify the source code so it fit your needs both in function and look.

You maybe want to use Open Source software but think it is too complicated to use? Open Source software has come a long way and there is many Open Source software's that is more advanced and have more functions than commercial software. The developers of Open Source software has learned to build administrator interfaces that make it easy for you to handle the software and publish the content you want. Many times it isn't more complicated than using e.g. MS Word.

However, there are still things that are complicated with Open Source software and that it to get started. For example, installation can sometimes be a challenging task and it is not always so easy to modify the software to fit your needs. It is those services that Success Webmasters offers you help with.

Success Webmasters Hosting

Our branch Success Webmasters Hosting is specialized in hosting web sites that use and benefit from Open Source software. You will even get the Open Source software of your choice installed into your hosting account for free.

Success Webmasters Hosting also install updates and security patches to the Open Source software you have installed as soon as the update is available. And that is included in the service; no extra charges will be made.

Your web site will always be fresh to your visitors with the newest software available on your site. And - this is very important - your web site will always be secure to hackers and other security threats as new updates and security is installed as soon as they are released.

Success Webmasters Open Source Demos

How do I know what Open Source software I should use? There are many different options available to your help. You can browse our network of web sites; you will find a lot of information at Success Webmasters Hosting. And - we are continuously building a web site with demo installations of different Open Source software's.

You can visit Success Webmasters Open Source Demos and test some of those extremely powerful Open Source software systems.

I Want To Modify My Open Source Software

Of course you want to create your own look and feeling on your web site. All our Open Source software comes with preinstalled themes/skins. There are also many skins/themes available for you to choose from at Success Webmasters Hosting.

We also have a development team ready to help you develop the theme/skin of your dreams and/or to modify the software to fit your needs. Our development team can also create and host regular web sites for you and your business. More information is available at Success Webmasters Singapore web site.

No Project Is To Small or To Big

No project is too small or too big to benefit from using Open Source software. Whether you want to create a web site to host and share pictures with family and friends, write your own diary online (blog) or create a big ecommerce or community site - we have the solutions for you.

We encourage you to start looking around on the web and start thinking how you want to create the perfect web site. The tools are available and with help from Success Webmasters this things is in your reach - and that for an affordable price.

Does it sound complicated? We hope not. You can always contact us for a discussion about what we can help you with.

Who Is Success Webmasters?

The main company, Success Webmasters Pte. Ltd., is partly Swedish and partly Singaporean. The idea is to combine Swedish design skills and knowledge with the entrepreneurship and lower costs in Singapore.

Swedish people and Singaporeans are working side by side to give you some of the best software's available to make your web site a real hit. And that to an affordable price - a fraction of what it normally costs.

Success Webmasters and the Success Network is an old dream that has come through for our Managing Director. Like IKEA of Sweden furnishes your home with affordable furniture, we are "furnishing" the web with affordable (free) software.

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